Ever wonder what an abacus is? The Abacus is an instrument used in performing arithmetic calculations. It consists essentially of a tablet or frame bearing parallel wires or grooves on which counters or beads are moved. A modern abacus (often called a soroban) consists of a wooden frame with beads on parallel wires, and a crossbar oriented perpendicular to the wires that divides the beads into two groups.



It's nearly Spring again, and that means the annual CAAA Assessment Test is just around the corner! You will be receiving registration information in your classes shortly, but the basic details are as follows:

The 21st Annual CAAA Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Assessment Test will be held on Sunday, May 4, 2014 at the Hilton Newark/Fremont in Newark, CA with testing sessions between 9:30 am - 11:30 am, and registration/check-in occurring before then.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at powermathusa.abacus@gmail.com or call/leave a message at (408) 263-7966!

Excerpt from "The Independent" - Article: "101 Gadgets That Changed The World" Nov. 3, 2007

Abacus, AD190

"Use of the abacus, with its beads in a rack, was first documented in Han Dynasty China in about AD190, but the word dates to much earlier calculating devices. "Abacus" derives from the Hebrew ibeq, meaning to " wipe the dust" or from the Greek abax, meaning "board covered with dust", which describes the first devices used by the Babylonians. The Chinese version was the speediest way to do sums for centuries and, in the right hands, can still outpace electronic calculators." - If you have come to one of the PowerMath demonstrations, you know this is true!

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For further questions, please call (408) 263-7966 or send a note to powermathusa [dot] abacus [at] gmail.com

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PowerMath: In Short

PowerMath first opened its door in San Jose in the mid 1990s, the brain child of director Huey-Chiang Huang who sought to share her own childhood experiences and love of the subject with the Bay Area community. The first few sessions consisted mainly of Chinese-American children who sought to improve their mathematical and logical thinking skills through learning abacus. Today, PowerMath's pupils consist of children of many ethnicities and ages, showcasing the best of our diverse community.

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